Silence: Friend Or Foe?

‘You have two ears and one mouth, for a reason.’  Listening is more important than speaking.  And not just hearing for the sake of awaiting your chance to have your remarks/opinions expressed.  Really paying attention to what someone else is saying is a fine art.  It comes from a place that most people fear.

Silence is powerful.  It frightens many as we are conditioned to justify everything with words.  Putting spin on our point of view will win over the majority to instant agreement.  To combat anything with silence is a threat to the fast-talking manipulator.  It confuses them as they cannot duck and dive when no words are spoken.  Therein lies the strength of serenity.

Sometimes, that peacefulness is mistaken for consent.  Usually, by the people who do not understand what it means to be still.  That being said, there is a dark side to being soundless.  ‘Suffering in silence’.  This is never a productive mode to be in.  I comprehend that not everyone feels the need to share sorrows, ills or painful experiences.  That does not mean one has to bottle it up and in return do untold damage to themselves.  If you are in an horrendous state, for your own peace of mind, seek help.  Being silent can be detrimental, in such cases.  

Simply because one is not speaking, it does not follow that the voices in our heads are completely quiet.  We can be our own worst enemies.  Let it all out; to a trusted friend or a professional.  They will never be as harsh on you, as you are to yourself.  Once released the world will feel brighter.

The positive side of not speaking has been deemed, ‘silencing the mind’.  It is extremely beneficial.  Meditating will help with that.  It takes practise to turn off that tiny, nagging voice in one’s head but it can be done.  Sitting wordlessly for minutes or hours (if possible) will allow for a recharge of your brain.  (Think of is as recharging your iPhone).  The brain needs the same care.

Summing up, silence can be deadly if one continues to suffer it.  Or it can be a rejuvenation of all faculties and used to your own advantage.  Like everything else, it is all in how one applies it.

Use silence wisely.


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