Admit Your Mistakes

Aiming for perfection is a fallacy.  We all make mistakes.  And instead of owning those errors we blame, avoid and disassociate from them.  If one is a self-help addict (like myself) tricks can be used, such as reframing.  However, kidding ourselves that we have not made a wrong or bad decision is never as worthwhile as admitting the blunder and moving on, with the vow to do better next time.

Having slip-ups pointed out by well-meaning loved ones can sting.  Especially when they harp on and on . . . and on.  Sometimes forever replaying the boner with words.  The female of the species tend to do this more.  It appears to be a difficult thing for them to let go of.  Not that men are blameless, they move on and seldom learn the lesson only to repeat the same mistakes down the road.  Women know this, hence the ‘nagging’.  

That is not to say the roles cannot be reversed.  It does happen.  No one likes to be pestered about their poor choices.  One way to conquer such behaviour is to change and master the gaffes.  Show others that you have ‘seen the light’ by modifying your conduct.  Actions speak louder than words and until you show that the lesson has been learned and adjustments have been made, the ‘badgering’ may go on.

That being said, I believe mistakes are an important part of everyone’s life.  It is how we grow and mature.  They should be embraced (so long as knowledge is gained) and can bring about the steps needed to move forward.

It took 10,000 attempts for Edison to discover the lightbulb, that would be 9,999 mistakes but each of them led to the successful end result.

Miscalculations are not bad.  We must see them as stepping stones to our greater goals.  So if you are holding back because you do not want to make a mistake, jump in with both feet.

Faux pas are going to occur.  When they do, know you are on the right road to a better future.  Never let the fear of making the wrong move stop you.  Tentative attempts will lead to eventual mastery.  Brazenly advance through any and all adversity.  You will be stronger for it.

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