Why Taking Action Is Important

The Law of Attraction fools us into believing that all we have to do is think about our goals and they will miracously appear.  After years of focusing my mind on winning the lottery, I am not a millionaire as of yet.  So, taking apart the steps of attracting the big money win, it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I ought to have bought a ticket?

Seriously, the factor that often gets left out of getting anything you want in life, is the taking action part.  Now, maybe you are a fan of Tony Robbins and have heard from him ‘take massive actions’ yet you still have not reached your ambition.  Nor, do you find yourself taking that advice.  I believe that has more to do with the scary word ‘massive’.  It sounds far too difficult and exhausting.  And who wants that?

Creating the life we want, having limitless abundance and living the lifestyle of the rich and famous while putting in the least amount of effort is how most people envision their dreams.  Seeing members of the elite enjoying their mode of living has us believing ‘it must be simple.  They wouldn’t be having so much fun if it were hard’.

There’s lies the conundrum.  When people are doing what they love and reaping the rewards for that, working late into the night is a price they willingly pay.  As we, the public, do not see that aspect, we naturally assume it is all champagne and caviar and hanging around with Robin Leach ( I know I’m dating myself here).

Following our purpose comes from the tiny detail work.  Yes, it is taking action despite the fact that those very steps can be so simple one does not consider them to be ‘massive actions’.  Working on mindset, should be first in the agenda of deeds to achievement.  You must build up the success muscle in your brain and only then can you begin to truly be comfortable enough taking the actions needed to complete your goals.

There is no getting around ‘acting’ to further your future.  Every day we complete a number of activities, emphasize them towards your ultimate outcomes and each small step will bring you closer to the desired results.


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