How To Get The Best Out Of Yourself

Everyone has been programmed to want the best for themselves.  However, reaching that goal is not always attained.  Most of the time it is a mystery as to why we can not connect the intentions.  Focusing on why we are unable to do something is the first mistake made.  It is far more productive to figure out why the aim is so desired.  That will reinforce the motivation to push forward and achieve the objective.

Knowing ‘why’ can be the game-changer when following your bliss.  It will, also, get to the truth.  Making the inquires a number of times, regarding any purpose, will reveal the sincere meanings.

That can and will result in bringing about our greatest enterprises.  Honesty will always catapult us into acting with integrity.  

Most want fame and fortune and why that is, can either make or break the securing of it.  Yes, those things can be accomplished through nefarious means or superficially.  Granted, long-term success does not hold true for such individuals.  It is the karmic factor that takes over.  When someone is being disingenuous, it permeates throughout their body.  Some pick up on it, some do not.  No one gets away with fooling themselves.

So, getting the best must come from the altruistic and congruent portion of our character.  We, above all, have to live up to our own standards and find the justification for the direction we desire.  And that can be a simple, ‘I have a gift that I want to share’ to ‘I want to create world peace’.  We develop our benchmarks which have been influenced by the experiences of life.  Sometimes society plays a role.  Cultures, also, have their leverage as to acceptable behaviour.

Yet,the final decision on bringing about the best from each and every one of us must be a personal responsibility.  If one does not take into account their own morals and principles, chances are they will implode.  If not today or tomorrow, some time in the future. 

It is best to take the high road from the start.  Figure out ‘why’ you want whatever it is, and know that if it will benefit others, as well as yourself, you are onto a good thing.

Your best efforts will, naturally, follow.


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