Despite Negative Emotions

Mastering emotions is key to shaping oneself into an accomplished human being.  Their is no need to avoid feelings in order to escape the perceived pain.  A positive meaning can be reintroduced at any time.  Denying the bad feelings only leads to more of the same.  Face the emotions and find an answer.

The best way to conquer negative emotions is to educate yourself and use the feelings to work for you.  Concentrating on positive/useful solutions will propel one to these very sensations.

Engaging in happiness and success, even during mental exercising, will permit those thoughts and beliefs to rise to the forefront.  You will find more joy as you go about your day.

Emotions are a resource that we can call on to bring about desired outcomes.  Magnifying goodness until it takes over is a laudable aim.  Most of us dwell in the opposite direction.  It is just as easy to focus on the good as it is the bad.  Yet, being humans we want ‘safety first’ and avoiding bad (for security) pops into our brains before anything else.  This is fine so long as we see it for what it is, a defence mechanism and quickly move on to the purposeful decision to be happy, healthy and loving.

Our self communication must be controlled to the point where old, negative patterns are dissembles and we can change our approach.   Observering these negative emotions can be liberating in itself.  Ask why we fear, worry or are angry.  Without judgement, allow the answers to, just, be.  Do not agree or disagree as that reinforces those emotions.  Simply accept your feelings.  Once permission is given look for the certainty inside you and know you can handle, with confidence, these concerns.

Every good emotion can be cultivated with practise.  Spend minutes a day feeling good, for no reason, feeling happy, successful and powerful.  Like any muscle, over time, your emotional life will expand and become fit.  Implementing this exercise into your life will allow growth and increasing benefit for all despite any negative emotions.

Emotions can be managed and you can do it!


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