Encourager Vs. Enabler

An encourager will give hope to those in need.  An enabler gives someone the authority to take certain action.  Both, are helpful in their own rights.  Yet, there are negative connotations with being an ‘enabler’.  The literal meaning, however, can be a very positive force to be reckoned with.  Handing over authority for specific actions to be taken can lead to a full and fulfilling life.  It will allow for total resposibility regarding an, otherwise, mediocre existence.

Giving hope, or being an encourager is a bit wishy-washy as optimism can wane quickly.  Knowing is better than hoping any day.  Although, some people need the reassurance to get them to move forward with their goals.

It is possible to do both?  I suggest, this to be all life coach’s aim.  They definitely want to inspire hope in their clients and turn those beliefs into proper actions, that, in turn, will prepare them for the completion of their desired objections.

Admittedly, some in the personal development field are better than others, at this.  As the person looking for help, finding a coach that resonates with you is all important.  It does not matter how popular or famous the mentor is, results are what counts.

Some people need more encouragement and then they are off.  Taking the actions needed is the natural progression.  Others are extremely optimistic, however, and need to be pushed, cajoled and nudged in the right direction in order to perform the functions that will propel them to a better future.  The job of the life trainer is to figure out what the client needs and offer the proper solutions.

Encouraging or enabling for oneself can be a bit tricky.  We do not often know nor can we be objective in our assessment of ourselves.  That is why reading self-help books, listening to leaders in the field or taking the plunge and paying for the services of those better equipped, can be the best things we do for our own well-being.

Encourage your best thoughts and take the actions necessary to get where you want to go.  Seek help from wherever you can and live that ideal lifestyle.  You are worth it.


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