All Negative Thoughts Harm

As most of us know thinking negative thoughts is unproductive.  Does this knowledge prevent the disagreeable notions from appearing?  Of course not.  It takes much effort to guard against contrary mental activity.

No matter how diligent we may be, someone will cut us off in traffic and every four-letter swear word bubbles up reducing us to petty name-calling.  ‘That is understandable’, ‘venting is better than keeping it in’ or ‘sometimes idiots have to put in their place’ are all excuses for the antagonistic behaviour.  We may feel better, in the moment, however these thoughts and words are insidious.  They undermine all the positive/helpful creeds we attempt to anchor into our brains.

Lately, I have begun to realize that the phrases used to make a humourous point can also lead to destructive patterns within the brain.  It was always my reply, ‘it’s just a joke’ whenever naughty terms escaped in the pursuit of humour.  And sarcasm became so ingrained it was hard to find where the mockery ended and I began (or vice versa).

Now, that I am older and . . . (Don’t know how much wiser I am but definitely older) able to see the effects of the expressions used on one’s being, choosing beneficial dialogue (both inner and outer) is far more prevalent.

Too many people have been conditioned to think that ‘if something is not popular it is wrong’.  And sometimes the accepted norm is a hidden bleak view of life yet must be confirmed as rational.  Disagreement of such things will result in vilification.  This is all negative thinking on a subconscious level and a price will be paid eventually.

Safeguard your mind with thoughts that will uplift and improve those around you.  Learn these new skills and everyone will benefit.


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