Multiple Art Forms

Earlier this summer I began to participate more in working with my stone art.  It is something I enjoy doing yet in the past it continually got pushed to the end of the ‘to do’ list.

What I found while taking part in this creative outlet was that it fed the other endeavours I was engaging in.  My writing/blogging began to expand and adding more activities to a normally hectic day resulted in pleasure, not the usual stress I would feel.

Yes, it was fun to perform these modes of inventiveness.  And even though filing soapstone into all manner of shapes is seemingly unrelated to writing, the very act of creating via both methods fuelled the imagination and set in motion new ideas.

For a couple of months I was extremely productive.  Now, with the cooler weather (I know it’s an excuse) I am not taking part in the art work as much as I was and not only are the ‘offerings on show’ down in number the enjoyment regarding my writing is waning.  Not experiencing writer’s block or anything that drastic, I suppose making the effort in other creative arenas would help.  (A tip for anyone needing to push forward)

I shall continue to explore and experiment with different modes of original work in the hopes of an integration of inspiration.  The thing about pursuing crafts is they are unpredictable undertakings.  It is best to pour your heart and soul into  favourite art forms and allow the end results to, just, be.  The true satisfaction should come from carrying out the deeds.

The side effect of it stimulating other aspects of your creative life can be embraced and accepted wholeheartedly.

If the excuse is ‘that there is no time’ rest assured making the time far outweighs the procrastination.

Ultimately, many areas of your life will benefit from the pursuit of pleasurable ventures.  And the more avenues that are investigated, the happier and therefore less anxious one becomes.

Try your hand at multiple art forms.  Then be prepared to be rewarded with good cheer.

If anyone is interested in my art work,


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