Be The Inspiration

There are times when the actions we take are so successful that they inspire others to follow in our footsteps.  It can be weight loss, career choices or fulfilling relationships.  The subsequent outcomes are the opportunities to share the methods used to thrive.

Not everyone will be able to duplicate the results as mindset has a great deal to do with victory or miserable failure.  Yet, giving others the benefit of your experiences is a tremendous gift.  One’s suggestions can not be forced.  Everyone must find their own way.  However,  aiding someone at their wits end by relating personal knowledge, regarding any subject, is invaluable.

Occasionally, words are unnesscessary.  Watching and emulating is enough to obtain the desired outcome.

This is the easiest way to distribute the wisdom gained from the efforts put forth.  There are no excuses, arguments or blame to navigate around nor will any negative notions invade the psyche of the successful participant.  No one intends bringing down an effective individual with contrary views or words but the opening may present itself unwittingly.

Whether inspired or the inspiration there is a responsibility to oneself to reach the potential in each moment.  Others may, subconsciously, want to plunge a porsperous fellow human into the abyss simply to gain some misguided sense of superiority.  These people are most in need of help.  Impart the information and move on.  Do not let them or their words swallow up the productive feats achieved.

Setting out to accomplish a specific goal is courageous.  Fulfilling that intention is a victory.  Helping others to attain their triumph is ultimate success.   

Having a fire kindled to the point where action is taken can be satisfying.  Propelling one to a level of incentive will fill the heart with joy and love.  

Be an inspiration!


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