Destiny as the dictionary says ‘is the predetermined course of events ; or fate’.  It also claims ‘to be regarded as power’.  I believe that one’s fate is not predetermined at all.  It becomes a reality based on actions taken.

The people who act without forethought are a rare breed.  For the most part, experiences are directed towards a desired end.  Whether consciously or not.  We all have a say in our destinies and therein lies the power.

There is a romantic notion about setting off on a quest to find a purpose.  The lucky ones already know which way their fate lies.  Some know it and opt not to follow.  Surely, that will lead to a less than stellar life.  Yet, it must be exciting when one’s mission is stumbled upon so long as the ‘stumbler’ follows that path and reaches unexpected heights.

No matter the circumstances of our lot in life accepting the fortune handed out through the sweat of one’s brow must be acknowledged.  Good or bad, affirming the situation will lead to choices.  Either cease the exploration or continue down another course.

When such options present themselves it begs the question ‘what is my true destiny?’  Which brings about the belief that we all have a say in our future.  Predetermination cannot apply when there is free will to choose where we desire our lives to go.

So, destiny becomes the sum total of the alternatives one chases in an attempt to seek happiness.  The roads followed throughout our lives are the end result that is sought.  In other words, ‘our destiny’.  It may take an entire span of life to realize that one’s purpose has been fulfilled.

The future can not be predicted and that is what makes it so frightening and exciting at the same time.  People have been paralyzed with fear regarding the road ahead.  Fear not!  It may be part of your destiny.  However, it does not have to stifle you forever.  Seek out true happiness and the determination to succeed will propel you to your destiny.


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