Writing To Change

Every New Year’s Eve the average person makes a resolution or two.  They do this with the intention of changing some aspect of their lives that needs improvement.  Some acknowledge the fact that their lives need altering and wait until the end of the year to make any progress.

This is not the way to bring about change.  Joe Vitale says, ‘the universe loves speed’ and waiting to reform only brings about more waiting.  You reap what you sow.  Getting the fastest results is key.  The reason most of us give up on ourselves is because things are not changing quick enough, despite the fact that we keep putting off the pursuit of our dreams.

Writing out goals works far more often than simply stating your intentions.  There is something about the written word and seeing one’s ambitions penned on a piece of foolscap that encourages the mind to seek out the actions required to bring about the desires.

Expressing goals in detail will inspire and embolden you to reach those objectives.  We have all been gifted with the ability to produce our thoughts by setting them down on bits of stationary.  ( I know these days the computer is attempting to make ink obsolete).  There is something about the movement across the page that fires up the synapses in one’s mind.  

Meaningful concepts often result from such musings.  Introspection can be thought of as selfish and narcissistic yet much of what we know about human behaviour has been brought about by the self examination of wise beings of the past.

Had they not written it down, we would all be considerably disadvantaged.  Sharing knowledge and wisdom continues to be first and foremost accomplished with text (even in this computer age).

So, use the gift of writing to obtain the life you desire.  Write about the life you want.  Write it as if it already existed.  Read it often.  Change it as required.  Challenge your mind to convert your writing into reality.


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