Learning new things is exhilarating.  There is no better feeling than acquiring knowledge if the subject matter is of great interest to the individual.

Making discoveries is usually associated with schooling and the education system yet the most exciting realizations come outside the institutes of learning.  Columbus was well past school age when he found a whole other continent.  (Not that it was lost). While there are no more land masses to chance upon, there are still many topics with which to explore.  Not least of which is directed above the neck.

Scientific studies of the brain must be endlessly fascinating.  There are so many facets to our intellect that, at times, it must feel like chasing a carrot on a string.  And what is it that makes humans so curious about understanding our own thought processes?

Experts say, that we never stop learning.  Yet some of us choose to live in ignorance.  There must be a method by which we acquire knowledge and procure the materials waiting to be researched at the fingertips of a computer keyboard.  Video, audio and plain old text are all readily available leaving anyone with the ability to soar numerous avenues of pursuit.

Immersing in any given subject can lead to expert status.  And these days that can be leveraged into huge amounts of cash for the discerning connoisseur.

Unearthing the mind will propel humanity into untold options.  Stumbling upon how the mind is wired to reach success will advance all of us.  Neuroplasticity, peptides and quantum physics can open up new ways of thinking that expand our daily conceptions.

Recently, having watched the movie ‘What The Bleep Do We Know-Down The Rabbit Hole’ I thought the top of my head was going to explode leaving grey matter scattered all over the walls.  It compelled new thoughts into my head.  Notions that enlarged my limits.  The discovery of these new potentialities have set me on a path which otherwise may have remained stifled.

I shall delve into new pathways of discovery with the intention of securing as much wisdom as possible.  Mental capacities and how to capitalize on them is riveting stuff.  I look forward to venturing ‘down that rabbit hole’.


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