Transforming our lives has become big business.  There are an infinite number of people out there attempting to be the next Tony Robbins or Brain Tracy.

Not all of them are chasing the wealth that can be generated from preying on those seeking a better future.  In fact, I would think most of them truly want to help.

It takes a genuine soul to help others improve their lives.  The difficulty is in some people’s ability to separate the real McCoy’s from the hucksters who are only out to make a buck.  This can be an arduous task as all these leaders want your money.  It has occurred to me, after hearing claims of being in the field for purely humanitarian reasons, that more do not cease charging such exorbitant prices.  Especially, the ones that have bilked millions from their followers.  And I understand their argument of being paid, as a doctor or lawyer is.

Maybe it is the fact that those professions have taken years of schooling and huge amounts of money to be certified.  Whereas anyone can claim to be a personal development guru at the drop of a hat.

Surely the older, more established ones have acquired the knowledge and experience to offer assistance in transforming lives.  The dilemma being the words of caring that are used.  It makes one feel comfortable, as if talking to a friend.  Paying a pal to care is not something most of us are prepared to do.  They must have to tread a fine line between real emotions and coercing someone to change their thinking. 

Now, I understand the irony of my writing this type of blog.  And I would never refuse the amounts of money others are pulling in for doing similar articles.  My mission is to,truly, get others to think for themselves and undertake a transformation by being self-reliant.

We all have it in us to modify our personalities.  Some of us need guidance on what or how to think in order to complete these changes.  I believe in value for value.  If you find someone that contributes a significant reformation in you, stick with them.  Transformation comes from within and assistance should always be welcome.


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