The Artistic Life

We are all creative.  Everyone of us.  Granted, the avenues with which we explore these impulses can be radically different, it does not lessen the impact or artistry.  That being said, how does one go about living an artistic lifestyle?

I used to think earning a living as an artist was impossible.  The creative atmosphere always appealed to me yet those well-meaning, possibility-killing relatives who lacked imagination constantly bombarded me with the question, ‘How can you earn a living doing that?’  This was reinforced with palpable vibrations of ‘it can not be done’, that flew out of them like gamma rays.  Picking up on all this and the relatives being older and (supposedly) wiser, it stunted my participation in all art forms.  Leaving only an aching void for a life that was never able to develop.

So, life goes on and it is lived working at a job that leaves one as unfulfilled as the well-meaning relatives.  And the only ones happy about that situation are the other miserable family members.

There comes a time when you have to be brave enough to say, ‘no more’.  It may be hard to leave these people behind but for your own peace of mind and your love of the artistic endeavour you wish to pursue, it has got to be done.

In today’s Internet age nothing needs to be shot down.  No idea, no creation or invention, it can all be promoted over the World Wide Web.  Does that mean it is going to be hugely popular?  Possibly?  Or not?  All any of us can do is continue to work on the things we love.  If it helps one other human being that is a tremendous success.

Engaging in soul enhancing work is not about the money that may or may not be made.  Helping fellow beings has more value than mere currency.  That has always been the artist’s way.

Follow your heart and do what comes naturally.  Do not let any one else halt the flow of your creative juices.  You owe it to yourself to explore every aspect of your character.  Regardless of age, gender or ability (to a certain extent).  Examine all paths which give you pleasure and then share that with the rest of us.

Now, that is an artistic life.


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