3 Steps To Never Settle For Less

Most of us spend our lives working at a job we do not love but can do and do well.  The important thing about the job is the paycheque.  It is not challenging.  It is not fulfilling.  It does not stretch us creatively, spiritually, emotionally nor personally.  It is there and pays the bills.  This is all fine except your days are made up of sleep, work, eat and repeat.

This is not how life should be.  If you are reading this you want more.  The grind of settling is wearing you down and the search for more and better has begun.  The good news is, all that you can imagine is within your grasp.

Step 1 – No, not quitting your job.  (Not yet anyway) .  You must get yourself to believe that you can have it all.  Henry Ford’s ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right’ is as true today as it was 100 years ago.  The best way to believe you can do whatever you want, anchor the new belief to something you have total confidence in doing such as tying your shoe laces or brushing your teeth.  When you engage in these activities say to yourself (out loud is better), ‘I can have/be _______.’  Be as specific as possible.  Do not just say, ‘I can be a millionaire’.  Instead utter, ‘I can earn 5.5 million dollars by writing a book that helps a million people.’ or ‘I can lose 30 pounds in six months and keep it off by changing the way I view and eat food.’

Once the belief has been ingrained, (I would do this every day for a month and a half) then you must begin Step 2.

Step 2 – Time to act.  Over the month and a half you probably noticed that doing the things you want has become forefront in your every day life.  If not, your belief in it has not taken.  Go back to Step 1 until you are finding the time to do what you want.  Next, take the smallest possible step towards your goal.  Every day do one tiny thing that will propel you to reach the life you desire.  ‘Rome was not built in a day’.  Your goals will be constructed brick by brick.  Do not eat that junk food, that is a brick.  Take an online course in your chosen field, another brick.  Then in another six weeks, observe how different your life is and rejoice.  If nothing has changed, go back to Step 1.

Step 3 – Keep going.  This is the point where most people give up as the dream is taking too long to reach.  Despite the fact that it has only been three months.  Do not lose heart.  Visualize the outcome daily, repeat affirmations often, listen to encouraging audio messages and do these things for half an hour every day.  It will recharge your motivation.

No one should settle for a life of less than their potential.  We are creators.  Your heart and soul will be filled with love and joy if you are prepared to take a risk on yourself.

(Oh yeah, once things are going well, then you can quit your job, if that is what you want to do.)


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