From the day we are born the programming begins.  Our parents have their rules with which their children must abide.  The older the kids progress, the seemingly, more parental laws there are.  If looked at objectively, it may seem odd that very few men and women go through any sort of training program in order to pass on the strongest, most productive traits to their kids.  Yet, the passing on of flaws has, surprisingly, not been outlawed as of yet.  Wait until some lawyer figures out a way for children to sue their parents for ‘non preparation of life’.  Let us hope it never comes to that extreme.

So, as a child we take on our parents teachings and the knowledge of the education system.  (I believe if teachers could get in on the above lawsuit, they would). Once an individual reaches adulthood (which is around the age of 50 now-a-days) it is up to them to seek out the way to proceed.

Unfortunately, no one has taught them how to go in search of new thoughts.  Their parents have ordered, ‘do it, because I say so.’ and the school system will shame anyone until they comply with their brain-washing.  No original thought wanted here.  Follow the rest of the herd or fail.

Buck up, there is a path to a greater you.  And all it takes is for the individual to take the bull by the horns and investigate the subject of their preference.  ‘In the Internet age, ignorance is a choice.’  Nothing could be more true that this quote.  There is an abundance of information at the tips of computer accessible fingers.  There are no limits to self schooling, except the ones we put on ourselves.

So, if a change in how one’s mind works, is in order, the ability to reprogram is no further away than the nearest computer.  It is time to take resposibility for our own consciousness.

We can be anything we want and the help is readily available.  We can train ourselves to behave in a predetermined way to get all we want out of this life.


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