There are times in life when other people influence us for the worst.  Close, well-meaning relatives who are infinitely likeable may be the culprits.  This is part of the problem as they can be extremely fearful and project that anxiety onto others.

Having experienced this is the recent past it is shocking.  I would have sworn that inciting the ominous side of me was all my own doing.  And to a point it is.  I am culpable.  Yet, distance has alerted me to the understanding of some truthful, if difficult, facts.

Being apprehensive is second nature and a trait I have been working on ridding myself of.  So, maybe the labour being directed towards improving this area has been effective?  Knowing that there is nothing to be anxious about as every situation can and will be dealt with, to the best of my ability, has been key to conquering this undesirable feature.

The worries of others can be infectious.  So much so, that it brings up alarming thoughts that have to be battled into submission.  The anguish can be defeated with tranquility.  One cannot hold these two opposing thoughts at the same time.  Finding calm in the middle of chaos can be challenging.  Meditation helps. 

The Internet offers a multitude of ways to partake of meditations.  YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, to name a few, will direct one to helpful websites that offer various products in the pursuit of clarity.

If one’s anxiety has gone too far, professional help is available and by all means, seek it for your own well-being.  At that point, it is not someone else dominating your mental activity, you must take control of your own health.

Mild anxiety is something everyone experiences and can be mastered.  While getting a handle on my shortcomings and being the helpful sort, it behooves me to want to come to the aid of the well-meaning relative who subjected me to their anxiety.

How can I help them?  Pointing out faults to the people closest to one is a delicate enterprise.  Using the tricks at my disposal to influence them to think correct thoughts instead of allowing the anxiety to come through and effect others, is the intention.  If they are calm and relaxed, they will not spread any fear and doubt.

Helping others to feel better about themselves is uppermost in my mind.  That can only lead to situations which are win/win.

No one is without fear but managing it is attainable.


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