In the book ‘Think And Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, he claims there are six basic fears.  ‘Fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love and death’ and all other fears are grouped under these headings.  The most important statement he makes is ‘Fears are nothing more than states of mind’.  Which, of course, means we have the wherewithal to control them.

The one thing humans possess is the ability to choose our thoughts.  Therefore we can select better beliefs.  One’s that propel us into success rather than a downward spiral.  Most will catapult our fears into worry which seeps in to paralyze us and destroy any confidence or initiative.  Worry stems from indecision and the quicker a verdict can be reached and action taken, the less anxiety one will feel.

As the world revolves around the vibrations we send out, it is easy to pass on our fears without being aware that we are doing this.  And just because the worries and/or fears are not spoken does not mean the frequencies can not be felt.  So you may believe that your trepidations are only harming yourself; not so.  Studies have shown that a person’s characteristics become ingrained over many generations.

Having said all that, it does not signify that we have to sit back and accept our fate.  We can govern the future.  Using our minds to get the most positive results is a matter of practise and asking ourselves a better quality question.  Instead of ‘Why can’t I . . .?’, the self query should be ‘How can I . . .?’  No matter the problem, to bombard the mind with the right questions, valuable answers are sure to appear.

Everyone suffers fear, it is the defence mechanism for survival that has developed since the beginning of human life.  There are, of course, good fears that have kept us alive and now that we no longer need to beware the dinosaurs, our worries have been directed onto many avenues in dinosaur-clothing.  The animals are extinct, they can no longer hurt us.  Time to let go.  We won.  Humans conquered that ancient creature, it is high time we vanquished our fears.

Think more productive thoughts.


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