There is something about the word affluence that makes me think of the ultra wealthy.  Yet the dictionary definition is simply ‘an abundant supply of money, commodities and/or wealth’.  I suppose there is an implication that the supply is never ending and an air of class and sophistication surrounds those dubbed affluent.  

Mayhap, it is only my interpretation of the word?  Whatever the cause, aspiring to affluence is a laudable goal.  The visions associated with the lofty position are what will propel anyone to reach such heights.

The ambition is a valid one for whoever takes it on.  Can class and sophistication be taught?  Some would claim, ‘no, it is bred into one’.  What all that means is, it is ingested from a young age.  Any and all worthwhile pursuits can be learned.  The age with which one studies, merely, proves the fact that those lessons are longer standing.  It, certainly, does not denote a person’s true character.  If the teachings of class and sophistication are rejected, those traits can not be forced upon any individual.

As with anything else, the importance one gives to the lessons being taught has a great deal to do with whether or not the individual takes on those attributes.  They say, ‘until you live the knowledge acquired, you have not really learned it’.   In other words, ‘knowing something is not the same as doing what you know’.

For example, we all are aware that eating the right foods will make us healthier, but how many people claim, ‘right, I’m only going to eat properly from now on’ and stick to it.  Very few.  While having that knowledge is useful it is only helpful when put into practise.

So, if one’s goal is affluence (having an abundant supply of wealth) and being classy and sophisticated goes along with that then standards will have to be raised and mindsets adjusted to accomplish the objective.  Every person has the right to live an improved life.

I think I will give affluence a go.


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