4 Steps To The Art Of Imagination

There is an art form to putting one’s imagination to work.  The first step is allowing yourself the freedom to be open.  A closed mind will never be impartial enough to participate.  Sitting and thinking will lead to untold reaches.

Step two; pick a subject with which you want to explore.  Let any and all foolish, ridiculous and outright mad thoughts loose.  The more outrageous, the better.

Step three; write them all down.  No one has to see them.  Write all the nonsense (or perceived nonsense) on a piece of paper.  That way, eventually some semblance of order can be arranged.

And lastly; do not judge.  Too many interesting ideas get thrown out simply because of judgement calls that are unnecessarily harsh.  Sometimes we can be too close to the insights and not able to discern the genius properly.

Being inventive is employed in every area of life.  People who have incredible resources are labelled ‘dreamers’ or ‘ne’er-do-wells’ yet these are the people who have enormous potential for greatness.

Part of the art form is to act.  Ideas, being a dime a dozen, the real use of the creative mind is to assemble the dreams into reality.

Imagination is attributed to the arty/creative types but everyone can and should explore this aspect of their personalities.  It brings about confidence, self-esteem and an overall satisfaction in one’s abilities.  Nothing is more gratifying than seeing one’s ideas come to fruition.

Hearing that there are people who lack imagination is difficult to understand.  Surely, the only people unable to visualize are in the cemetery.

Pedestrian ideas are simply directed along different avenues.  That is life’s excitement.  One person’s interests are totally unique to another’s.  The workings of the mind, as an art form, means it can be changed naturally by looking at things from a different angle.  Exactly what the imagination is designed for.  It allows one to see a situation or problem through new (and unusual) eyes, thus finding answers or novel ways of dealing with those situations.

With practise anyone can summon up mental pictures and begin to use them to unravel whatever troubles one is faced with. The art of imagination should be thoroughly investigated.  Your fellow humans will be forever grateful.


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