Can Minds Really Change?

Teaching old dogs, new tricks has been proved to be possible time and again.  So why is it some humans do not want to push the limits of what is conceivable?  There are a multitude of excuses, ‘too set in ways’, ‘too old to change’ or ‘new technology if for the younger generation’.  It is all defensive rubbish.

Being curious does not have an age limit.  Continuing education, whether one teaches themselves or not, maintains a youthful attitude.  It allows the brain to expand and grow.  Unlike what advertisers want society to believe, the human brain does not stop functioning after the age of 30.  That must be their manipulation cut off point.  If you have made it past this age, congratulations you are no longer gullible and can make up your own mind.  (Although by that time they (the advertisers) may have brain-washed you beyond original thought).

Studies have shown that the mind continues to adapt and adjust until the day you die (if scientists could work out a way to keep studies going after death, they would).  So whatever one’s reasons for not trying something new, the only cause to not move forward is the mindset.

Colonel Sanders did not make his fortune until after retirement age.  There is no excuse to stop learning and growing (not even retirement).  That is not to say, that anyone has to wait until the age of 65 to begin a better life.  No, right now is the perfect age to begin to gain the knowledge needed for a happier life.

What wisdom you choose to peruse is up to you.  Take heart and know all is possible with creative imagination.  The world may benefit from the information you accumulate.  The only thing that can stop the growth of the individual is in their own minds.

Open up and let the freedom to explore burst forth.  Possibility thinking is so much more liberating than a stagnating mind.

My first answer to trying something new, used to always be ‘no’.  Saying, ‘yes’ for the sake of learning has been infinitely more satisfying.


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