We all put on masks that hide who we are.  And why do we do it?  Is it because there is part of us that reels at the prospect of another person accepting our authentic selves?  Yet, we all possess as many good qualities as bad.  Yes, if you are human you have inferior traits that can be improved upon.

Why we feel the need to disguise these characteristics is foolish.  That means we should recognize them and attempt to change.  But maybe that is the point?  I venture to say, that we do know the negative aspects of our personalities and we either do not want to alter them or we have no intentions of making the effort to turn ourselves around for the better.

So, instead of admitting any of those facts, we would prefer to conceal the genuine article.  In the hopes that those closest to us never see the truth.  Although, actions speak louder than words and the reality is ‘the truth reveals itself’ despite any wild efforts to hide it.

That is what liars, prevarications and shifty people never understand.  The truth always finds a way to the surface.  People can duck and dive to avoid it but inevitably it will come back to bite them.

Personally, I do not know how people can live with the lies they tell even to themselves.  I suppose, to a certain extent, we all do it.  It must eat away at the lining of their stomachs though.

Living a lie, despite the fact that it is working, can only last so long.  And when the ‘s_ _t hits the fan’, as it is certain to do, it will land one in more trouble than if the shortcomings were fessed up immediately.

To live an authentic life one must accept any and all flaws and either work on them or permit them to remain a part of you. No one is perfect and ‘viva la difference’.  Sometimes having a totally distinct opinion can be helpful.  So long as it is not harmful.

To me, an authentic life is being reliable and trustworthy.  One can do that and burp or fart inappropriately.  Perfection is a fallacy.


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