Best Self Help Books

Continuing to study self help books over the summer, I have read dozens.  In an attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff (and have had the misfortune to absorb far too much chaff) I have narrowed it down to three books that have made an impact on my mindset.

Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power Of Now’, while not exactly hot off the presses, was of tremendous assistance.  Especially, during a trying time with my dementia ridden, elderly mother.  Remaining present is harder than it sounds.  Specifically, for someone who has spent their entire life so focused on the future that decades have flown by and the normal experiences of one’s 20’s, 30’s and 40’s have been missed.  

Make no mistake there are no regrets but in not being centered in the ‘now’ I can not help but feel robbed.  No one else is to blame and I can accept the responsibility.  During all those years, there was a longing for calm that was ever elusive.  I did not know concentrating on the present would bring about serenity.  Life has never been so peaceful despite the turmoil of the circumstances with which I abide.

The other books that meant a great deal are Andy Shaw’s ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’ and ‘Using A Bug Free Mind’ (despise the titles).  I am leaning towards these books being my favourites.

There is so much common sense offered throughout that re-reading them is becoming a habit.  I am on the second go round now and find they are as relevatory as the first time.  Mr. Shaw can come off sounding arrogant at times yet the substance of what he is conveying is spot on.  Taking on the suggestions he makes has made a profound shift in my mindset.

So those are the books that I would highly recommend to anyone searching for an improved life.  There are many helpful products in this genre and if you find something to resonate with you, I say, continue devouring them (as I intend to do with the Bug Free Mind books).

Finding peace of mind, at last, is making a pronounced difference.  Experts say, ‘the mindset must change first’.  It is exciting to finally recognize this quality in oneself.


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