Overcoming Blocks

I thought this blog was going to be about dealing with writer’s block.  Having never experienced it, I anticipated I could offer the relative ease with regards to composing words.  Being open, honest and transparent are the keys.

Yet, the best of writers do encounter times when there is nothing to be open, honest or transparent about.  Admittedly, I do not put any pressure on myself to come up with spectacular ideas in which to put pen to paper.  This could be the solution.  That compulsion to have to write will cause an urgency that can stifle when making a living depends on it.

While obstruction free in this aspect, it is not so in other areas of life.  Can the ease be applied in these regions?  Being open, honest and transparent does not pertain to my biggest concern, that of earning a living wage.  Or does it?  On a hippy-dippy, psychological level it probably does.  It begs the question, ‘Is everyone who is not living up to their potential, unconsciously damaged?’

Good Lord, this is heavy stuff today.  Not the simple, ‘Breathe deeply and allow your thoughts to flow, while writing them down to capture the moment and sorting out the muddle later’, which I intended the piece to be.

Like I said, I am open, honest and transparent enough to let these profound thoughts bubble up and tackle them head-on.  So, when faced with indecision, which blocks can be attributed to, the best advice is to move forward.  It does not matter if it is the wrong choice.  This is life, it is allowed to be imperfect and one can change or try something else if choice #1 does not pan out.

That bit of counsel is relevant to any hindrances we place upon ourselves.  Yes, the decisions we make are important but not one of them is etched in stone.  They can be redirected at any time.

Overcoming any constraints takes time, effort and courage.  We are all worth those things.  Cut yourself some slack, find a solution, if it does not work, find another one.  No one is perfect (life would be dull otherwise) keep moving towards a better life and a stronger you.


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