Staying Motivated

The most difficult part of any endeavour, regardless of how much you want it, is remaining motivated to see it through.  There are some people who are beginners.  They never finish the projects started.  Being all fired up at the outset gets things in motion but the plodding along on the daily grind wears down the end result.  Unfortunately, all is forgotten as something new comes along.

This is a sure fire way to accomplish nothing.  Having the perseverance to see an undertaking to the end must become a habit.  Giving up is not an option.  As Churchill said, ‘Never give up.  Never give up.  Never give up.’

So how does one stay motivated in order to attain goals?  Daily visualization will work.  The down side of that is it can be just as monotonous as the target being sought.

I shall share a remedy that occurred to me while out for a walk one day.  ‘Many of us humans are a stubborn lot.’  (I know I can be.).  In the past, I have stubbornly talked myself out of things and used that quality to self sabotage.

Now stubbornness is not a trait most people aspire to.  In fact, because it is used in such a ‘destructive’ fashion it is frowned upon.  Yet, there is no reason one can not turn that around and use the obstinacy for a better resolution.  Instead of being ‘stubbornly destructive’ why not be ‘stubbornly constructive’.

This realization made my head spin a little.  Could it be done?  Could one actually use this characteristic for good?  And apply it to improve one’s lot?

Admitting to routinely not giving an inch when being proven wrong must have redeeming properties.  If holding on to such trivial mindsets are possible, why not be as tenacious regarding a positive outcome/goal for your life?

It may take time to make the switch from hard-headed destruction to laser-focused construction but it can be done.  If you possess this temperament adopt a superior outlook.

Construction not destruction!

Build not destroy!

Be stubbornly positive!


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