Think Like A Comedian

‘Laugh and the world laughs with you!’

We all enjoy a good laugh.  The people that amuse us are the type we either strive to be or desire to be around.  It is a gift to be able to find the funny side of any situation.  Yet, not everyone is able to do it.

I am going to reveal the secret to thinking like a comedian.  If you are breathing and have a tiny bit of imagination it is possible.  Humour is one of those things that in attempting an explanation, it renders it dull.  If one is serious about wit, there is joy to be shared regarding this ironic fact.

Thinking in such a way to point out the ridiculous is a learned skill.  Yes, anyone can do it.  With practise it becomes so embedded in the individual that they no longer have to try.  Funny comes to them without effort.  All one has to do to be a comedian is imagine the most unusual circumstances in any given situation.  Then elaborate on it.  Let the imagination run wild.

Telling jokes is not all it takes to be funny.  It is the way the mind works, finding humour in simple things.  Physical comedy is another aspect.  The use of the body in extraordinary ways can be applied in the search for the unique.  It takes a strong person to allow themselves to appear foolish.  The more strait-laced a person normally is, the funnier the pay-off when aiming for humour.

Opposites and contrasts are extremely useful when sharing a sense of fun.  There is nothing more amusing than a smoking, drinking and cussing nun.

When dealing with a serious problem it is therapeutic to rack the brain and find the wit to make fun of it.  Laughing will release any pent up stress.  So if tension is overtaking one’s life, think and think hard, about how it can be perceived in a ridiculous manner.

The question, ‘what would make this funny?’ is one that when repeated constantly will focus the mind on the answer.  Chances are, if it makes you smile, the interpretation will appeal to others.


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