Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

No one escapes challenges in life.  Despite visualizing great success there will be times when getting what we want falls short.  Sometimes disaster strikes in its many forms.

Crumbling under the weight of bad experiences is unproductive yet that is the route many of us take.  From reading a good deal of self help books the solution to such times is to reframe the dreadful escapade and come up with a better meaning.  One that will propel us to act in a positive way.

I have always had a problem with reframing as it seems to be nothing more than spin.  Like a politician in search of votes.  It irks the sensibilities especially for a proponent of the truth such as myself.

Is there a way to reframe that does not feel like ‘lying to yourself?’  Good news, there is!  It may take longer and use more creativity but it is possible.  If one has to reframe a challenge and the rationalization does not feel right, keep at it until the solution becomes reasonable.  The perception given to any endeavour can be habit, ie, seeing the negative side of things.  This can be altered by simply looking for a glimmer of positive.  It is there.

The way we communicate with ourselves needs to be addressed.  This can be the most daring adventure of all.  Being in the habit of buckling under the stress of controversy is a tough nut to crack.  It must be changed.  Retraining your brain to see opportunities where others only see misfortune is the ultimate challenge.  Many inventions have come from these circumstances throughout the ages.

Continually asking the question, ‘How can I make something good from this?’  or ‘How can I make a better product to combat this fault?’  The brain gives answers to any questions it is asked.  Therefore train yourself to ask constructive questions instead of destructive ones.  And keep asking until a satisfactory response is presented.

The truth about turning challenges into opportunity is searching every angle until a solution is chanced upon.

Like the yin/yang, the other side of chaos is opportunity.


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