Three Steps To Extraordinary

Most of us live ordinary lives.  We wake up, eat, work, relax and sleep.  It is a routine existence.  Being extraordinary includes all those elements except they are done at a higher frequency so that waking up is exciting, there is an opportunity for something good to happen.  Eating becomes a gastronomic experience and fuels the body to a healthier you.  And working is the pursuit of a life’s purpose, concluding in so much fun there is no ‘work’ involved.  All of it, comes down to the three steps to a better life.

Step one – Finding one’s bliss/purpose/life’s design.  

Every self help book has a way to aid in discovering this.  Personally, I think everyone knows what it is they want to do, they have merely talked themselves out of it.  Or the window of opportunity has closed for them and now they have given up.  The example of a four foot, eight inch person wanting to be a basketball player is always used to discourage wild dreams.  Yet, why not come out with a short people’s league and only allow people under five feet to play.  It may not be the NBA but if basketball is your passion, there is a way.  So think of the one thing you know you want to do and brainstorm all the methods which will accomplish it.

Step two – Follow it.

Chances are, if you are not living your purpose it is because you think it is impossible.  Not necessarily true.  It may not be visible at first but following that love of books and reading,  can lead to one day while reading something so bad you say to yourself, ‘I could do better than that’ and writing then publishing an ebook becomes your mission.  If you just follow whatever it is you have decided on, opportunities arise and pathways open that can be explored at your own pace.  There is no rush for anything.  Plod along and reach for the elusive object.

Step three – Dream higher.

You may find that along the way to one result, a whole other aspect of your love opens up.  One that, because of technology, is now available to everyone.  It is perfectly fine to switch midstream and pursue this altered reality.  No one says, ‘you must stick to one thing only’.  It is possible that once one goal is reached you can aim higher for an even better result.

Life is all about learning and growing.  Once schooling is over it does not stop there.  The gaining of knowledge can lead to a  brighter future.  It will make the ordinary life extraordinary.


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