Acheivements are the stuff of life.  Setting goals in order to reach a desired outcome is what we are encouraged to do.  Often times when we are not striving for something, it feels as if we are slackers and not living up to potential.

Yet, acheivements can be as simple as completing any arduous task.  Even preparing daily meals can be a fulfilled feat.  There will be no accolades or rewards for such mundane efforts but the chore is appreciated none-the-less.

Keeping motivated to accomplish anything is life can be a challenge.  I will go out on a limb and venture to say that even Columbus probably had doubts and lost faith in the attempt to find the easiest route to China.  His achievement, even though not what he set out for, brought a multitude of helpful and exciting discoveries.  Remember that fact when a direction is changed midstream.

Acheivements require leeway and a generous interpretation as one acts towards the outcome only to be shown another way.

This sort of thing occurs on a regular basis.  How many times have we set out to conclude a specific function only to be sidetracked on to a whole other endeavour.  Some would class that as failure.  Not so.  It is a result and that is a culmination of devotion.

For every deed attained (whether intended or not) set the mind so it applauds the results.  Everyone deserves to have their labours acknowledged.  Stand tall, be proud and accept the rewards.  The effort alone will gain approval.


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