Belief Systems

Beliefs begin developing from the time one is born.  Obviously, a baby’s capacity to make logical choices is limited and the maturity to make reasonable conclusions is restricted for decades.  Yet, the system with which one forms these opinions at that early age influences the rest of one’s life.

It is possible to improve on the methods that have affected one’s feelings and emotions.  First, a person must want to change, which requires a recognition of the unwanted behaviour.  Changing one’s point of view about the belief will begin a shift in perception negating the power of the conviction.

Some times, a belief is a matter of habit and once that usual behaviour is switched, it becomes a conversion.  Building a stronger association to the new belief lessens the old one.

Many times a belief becomes fixed in the mind with surprisingly little evidence.  Yet, the experience has embedded itself into the mind in such a way that a quick decision is mad and adhered to.

All self-help books recognize that in order to make a shift in unwanted behaviours a different interpretation linked to the ritual has got to be created.  Associating pain with the belief is Anthony Robbins’ suggestion as well as doubting the truth of it.  Questioning one’s beliefs will bring about alternatives.  The tenet can not survive without absolute certainty.  One will ‘doubt’ anything if questioned enough.

Beliefs can propel one to success or take them into a downward spiral leading to poverty.  Either prospect is nothing more than the thoughts in the mind.  Therefore it is up to the individual to strive for control of those musings and find what works and stick with it until it needs changing again.

That is the beauty of the human mind.  It is adaptable and can be molded, as a potter’s clay, to form opinions, beliefs and strategies in order to improve our very existence.

Get creative and come up with unique ways to change any and all harmful beliefs one holds.  Recognize them then change them.


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