Writing To Change

Every New Year’s Eve the average person makes a resolution or two.  They do this with the intention of changing some aspect of their lives that needs improvement.  Some acknowledge the fact that their lives need altering and wait until the end of the year to make any progress.

This is not the way to bring about change.  Joe Vitale says, ‘the universe loves speed’ and waiting to reform only brings about more waiting.  You reap what you sow.  Getting the fastest results is key.  The reason most of us give up on ourselves is because things are not changing quick enough, despite the fact that we keep putting off the pursuit of our dreams.

Writing out goals works far more often than simply stating your intentions.  There is something about the written word and seeing one’s ambitions penned on a piece of foolscap that encourages the mind to seek out the actions required to bring about the desires.

Expressing goals in detail will inspire and embolden you to reach those objectives.  We have all been gifted with the ability to produce our thoughts by setting them down on bits of stationary.  ( I know these days the computer is attempting to make ink obsolete).  There is something about the movement across the page that fires up the synapses in one’s mind.  

Meaningful concepts often result from such musings.  Introspection can be thought of as selfish and narcissistic yet much of what we know about human behaviour has been brought about by the self examination of wise beings of the past.

Had they not written it down, we would all be considerably disadvantaged.  Sharing knowledge and wisdom continues to be first and foremost accomplished with text (even in this computer age).

So, use the gift of writing to obtain the life you desire.  Write about the life you want.  Write it as if it already existed.  Read it often.  Change it as required.  Challenge your mind to convert your writing into reality.



Learning new things is exhilarating.  There is no better feeling than acquiring knowledge if the subject matter is of great interest to the individual.

Making discoveries is usually associated with schooling and the education system yet the most exciting realizations come outside the institutes of learning.  Columbus was well past school age when he found a whole other continent.  (Not that it was lost). While there are no more land masses to chance upon, there are still many topics with which to explore.  Not least of which is directed above the neck.

Scientific studies of the brain must be endlessly fascinating.  There are so many facets to our intellect that, at times, it must feel like chasing a carrot on a string.  And what is it that makes humans so curious about understanding our own thought processes?

Experts say, that we never stop learning.  Yet some of us choose to live in ignorance.  There must be a method by which we acquire knowledge and procure the materials waiting to be researched at the fingertips of a computer keyboard.  Video, audio and plain old text are all readily available leaving anyone with the ability to soar numerous avenues of pursuit.

Immersing in any given subject can lead to expert status.  And these days that can be leveraged into huge amounts of cash for the discerning connoisseur.

Unearthing the mind will propel humanity into untold options.  Stumbling upon how the mind is wired to reach success will advance all of us.  Neuroplasticity, peptides and quantum physics can open up new ways of thinking that expand our daily conceptions.

Recently, having watched the movie ‘What The Bleep Do We Know-Down The Rabbit Hole’ I thought the top of my head was going to explode leaving grey matter scattered all over the walls.  It compelled new thoughts into my head.  Notions that enlarged my limits.  The discovery of these new potentialities have set me on a path which otherwise may have remained stifled.

I shall delve into new pathways of discovery with the intention of securing as much wisdom as possible.  Mental capacities and how to capitalize on them is riveting stuff.  I look forward to venturing ‘down that rabbit hole’.


Transforming our lives has become big business.  There are an infinite number of people out there attempting to be the next Tony Robbins or Brain Tracy.

Not all of them are chasing the wealth that can be generated from preying on those seeking a better future.  In fact, I would think most of them truly want to help.

It takes a genuine soul to help others improve their lives.  The difficulty is in some people’s ability to separate the real McCoy’s from the hucksters who are only out to make a buck.  This can be an arduous task as all these leaders want your money.  It has occurred to me, after hearing claims of being in the field for purely humanitarian reasons, that more do not cease charging such exorbitant prices.  Especially, the ones that have bilked millions from their followers.  And I understand their argument of being paid, as a doctor or lawyer is.

Maybe it is the fact that those professions have taken years of schooling and huge amounts of money to be certified.  Whereas anyone can claim to be a personal development guru at the drop of a hat.

Surely the older, more established ones have acquired the knowledge and experience to offer assistance in transforming lives.  The dilemma being the words of caring that are used.  It makes one feel comfortable, as if talking to a friend.  Paying a pal to care is not something most of us are prepared to do.  They must have to tread a fine line between real emotions and coercing someone to change their thinking. 

Now, I understand the irony of my writing this type of blog.  And I would never refuse the amounts of money others are pulling in for doing similar articles.  My mission is to,truly, get others to think for themselves and undertake a transformation by being self-reliant.

We all have it in us to modify our personalities.  Some of us need guidance on what or how to think in order to complete these changes.  I believe in value for value.  If you find someone that contributes a significant reformation in you, stick with them.  Transformation comes from within and assistance should always be welcome.

The Artistic Life

We are all creative.  Everyone of us.  Granted, the avenues with which we explore these impulses can be radically different, it does not lessen the impact or artistry.  That being said, how does one go about living an artistic lifestyle?

I used to think earning a living as an artist was impossible.  The creative atmosphere always appealed to me yet those well-meaning, possibility-killing relatives who lacked imagination constantly bombarded me with the question, ‘How can you earn a living doing that?’  This was reinforced with palpable vibrations of ‘it can not be done’, that flew out of them like gamma rays.  Picking up on all this and the relatives being older and (supposedly) wiser, it stunted my participation in all art forms.  Leaving only an aching void for a life that was never able to develop.

So, life goes on and it is lived working at a job that leaves one as unfulfilled as the well-meaning relatives.  And the only ones happy about that situation are the other miserable family members.

There comes a time when you have to be brave enough to say, ‘no more’.  It may be hard to leave these people behind but for your own peace of mind and your love of the artistic endeavour you wish to pursue, it has got to be done.

In today’s Internet age nothing needs to be shot down.  No idea, no creation or invention, it can all be promoted over the World Wide Web.  Does that mean it is going to be hugely popular?  Possibly?  Or not?  All any of us can do is continue to work on the things we love.  If it helps one other human being that is a tremendous success.

Engaging in soul enhancing work is not about the money that may or may not be made.  Helping fellow beings has more value than mere currency.  That has always been the artist’s way.

Follow your heart and do what comes naturally.  Do not let any one else halt the flow of your creative juices.  You owe it to yourself to explore every aspect of your character.  Regardless of age, gender or ability (to a certain extent).  Examine all paths which give you pleasure and then share that with the rest of us.

Now, that is an artistic life.

3 Steps To Never Settle For Less

Most of us spend our lives working at a job we do not love but can do and do well.  The important thing about the job is the paycheque.  It is not challenging.  It is not fulfilling.  It does not stretch us creatively, spiritually, emotionally nor personally.  It is there and pays the bills.  This is all fine except your days are made up of sleep, work, eat and repeat.

This is not how life should be.  If you are reading this you want more.  The grind of settling is wearing you down and the search for more and better has begun.  The good news is, all that you can imagine is within your grasp.

Step 1 – No, not quitting your job.  (Not yet anyway) .  You must get yourself to believe that you can have it all.  Henry Ford’s ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right’ is as true today as it was 100 years ago.  The best way to believe you can do whatever you want, anchor the new belief to something you have total confidence in doing such as tying your shoe laces or brushing your teeth.  When you engage in these activities say to yourself (out loud is better), ‘I can have/be _______.’  Be as specific as possible.  Do not just say, ‘I can be a millionaire’.  Instead utter, ‘I can earn 5.5 million dollars by writing a book that helps a million people.’ or ‘I can lose 30 pounds in six months and keep it off by changing the way I view and eat food.’

Once the belief has been ingrained, (I would do this every day for a month and a half) then you must begin Step 2.

Step 2 – Time to act.  Over the month and a half you probably noticed that doing the things you want has become forefront in your every day life.  If not, your belief in it has not taken.  Go back to Step 1 until you are finding the time to do what you want.  Next, take the smallest possible step towards your goal.  Every day do one tiny thing that will propel you to reach the life you desire.  ‘Rome was not built in a day’.  Your goals will be constructed brick by brick.  Do not eat that junk food, that is a brick.  Take an online course in your chosen field, another brick.  Then in another six weeks, observe how different your life is and rejoice.  If nothing has changed, go back to Step 1.

Step 3 – Keep going.  This is the point where most people give up as the dream is taking too long to reach.  Despite the fact that it has only been three months.  Do not lose heart.  Visualize the outcome daily, repeat affirmations often, listen to encouraging audio messages and do these things for half an hour every day.  It will recharge your motivation.

No one should settle for a life of less than their potential.  We are creators.  Your heart and soul will be filled with love and joy if you are prepared to take a risk on yourself.

(Oh yeah, once things are going well, then you can quit your job, if that is what you want to do.)


From the day we are born the programming begins.  Our parents have their rules with which their children must abide.  The older the kids progress, the seemingly, more parental laws there are.  If looked at objectively, it may seem odd that very few men and women go through any sort of training program in order to pass on the strongest, most productive traits to their kids.  Yet, the passing on of flaws has, surprisingly, not been outlawed as of yet.  Wait until some lawyer figures out a way for children to sue their parents for ‘non preparation of life’.  Let us hope it never comes to that extreme.

So, as a child we take on our parents teachings and the knowledge of the education system.  (I believe if teachers could get in on the above lawsuit, they would). Once an individual reaches adulthood (which is around the age of 50 now-a-days) it is up to them to seek out the way to proceed.

Unfortunately, no one has taught them how to go in search of new thoughts.  Their parents have ordered, ‘do it, because I say so.’ and the school system will shame anyone until they comply with their brain-washing.  No original thought wanted here.  Follow the rest of the herd or fail.

Buck up, there is a path to a greater you.  And all it takes is for the individual to take the bull by the horns and investigate the subject of their preference.  ‘In the Internet age, ignorance is a choice.’  Nothing could be more true that this quote.  There is an abundance of information at the tips of computer accessible fingers.  There are no limits to self schooling, except the ones we put on ourselves.

So, if a change in how one’s mind works, is in order, the ability to reprogram is no further away than the nearest computer.  It is time to take resposibility for our own consciousness.

We can be anything we want and the help is readily available.  We can train ourselves to behave in a predetermined way to get all we want out of this life.


There are times in life when other people influence us for the worst.  Close, well-meaning relatives who are infinitely likeable may be the culprits.  This is part of the problem as they can be extremely fearful and project that anxiety onto others.

Having experienced this is the recent past it is shocking.  I would have sworn that inciting the ominous side of me was all my own doing.  And to a point it is.  I am culpable.  Yet, distance has alerted me to the understanding of some truthful, if difficult, facts.

Being apprehensive is second nature and a trait I have been working on ridding myself of.  So, maybe the labour being directed towards improving this area has been effective?  Knowing that there is nothing to be anxious about as every situation can and will be dealt with, to the best of my ability, has been key to conquering this undesirable feature.

The worries of others can be infectious.  So much so, that it brings up alarming thoughts that have to be battled into submission.  The anguish can be defeated with tranquility.  One cannot hold these two opposing thoughts at the same time.  Finding calm in the middle of chaos can be challenging.  Meditation helps. 

The Internet offers a multitude of ways to partake of meditations.  YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, to name a few, will direct one to helpful websites that offer various products in the pursuit of clarity.

If one’s anxiety has gone too far, professional help is available and by all means, seek it for your own well-being.  At that point, it is not someone else dominating your mental activity, you must take control of your own health.

Mild anxiety is something everyone experiences and can be mastered.  While getting a handle on my shortcomings and being the helpful sort, it behooves me to want to come to the aid of the well-meaning relative who subjected me to their anxiety.

How can I help them?  Pointing out faults to the people closest to one is a delicate enterprise.  Using the tricks at my disposal to influence them to think correct thoughts instead of allowing the anxiety to come through and effect others, is the intention.  If they are calm and relaxed, they will not spread any fear and doubt.

Helping others to feel better about themselves is uppermost in my mind.  That can only lead to situations which are win/win.

No one is without fear but managing it is attainable.