Having It All

There are three areas in everyone’s life that can always use improvement.  They are ‘Health, Wealth and Relationships’.  It seems we are seldom truly happy with one or more of these aspects.  It begs the question, ‘can we have it all?’

Health often gets puts on hold as we pursue careers.  Our focus is so concentrated on making a living or following our dreams that eating properly and partaking of regular exercise, both of which are needed for well-being, gets forgotten.  Everyone has to take care of what goes into the body and strengthening muscles through routine use.

Pursuing wealth can leave relationships wanting.  Yet, being wealthy is a matter of opinion.  There are many measures of financial prosperity.  Some will be happy merely paying bills with a little left over.  While others desire billions.  Finding your comfort zone is half the battle.  That is not to say one should settle for less.  The best way to acquire wealth is to earn it.  Doing what you love is preferred.

Having an abundance of friends and loved ones can be ignored while chasing wealth.  Yet this is where sharing and giving of ourselves will fill us with a richness money cannot buy.  Connecting with others brings its own satisfaction.

If one is to master these three areas their lives will expand and grow.  Leaving them enriched beyond their wildest dreams. Balance can be achieved, if one is willing to put in the effort.  Yes, you can have it all.


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