A Comforting Word

Reaching out to strangers in need has become something of a habit.  It is easy to connect over the Internet and share some heart rending experiences.  The sorrow can come through the written word with a piercing force.  It compels one to want to help.

Over the weekend I contacted someone who needed encouragement even though the sadness which surrounded them regarded a subject that I, usually, view rather harshly.  It would have been easy to criticize or spread the rigid opinions.  Instead, with empathy, I chose to offer a few comforting words.  In the process, sharing a part of my life, I do not normally open up about.

That is the beauty of the Internet.  Yes, one can hide behind the anonymity and that can be a dangerous practise or it an be used to help others in need of solace.  Letting them know, they are not alone.

It all comes down to personal integrity.  Each of us has to monitor ourselves and choose the path with which to follow.  Consoling another human being in pain who desires peace will not only aid them, it fills your own soul with healing.  There is no downside and if Karma kicks in, only benefits will result.

Do not mistake any of this assistance with pity.  No one needs to be pitied.  That will only keep them down.

Inspiration for a better tomorrow is all anyone of us can and should strive for. Then share it.


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