With humour being the best medicine, I am surprised the pharmaceutical companies have not figured out a way to manufacture jokes in pill form so they can charge an arm and a leg for them.  After all, those appendages are unrelated to making people laugh.  Except of course, for the funny bone which is in the arm.  (Sorry).

A simple smile can change your own and someone else’s day by making it brighter and yet taking the time to share a giggle often gets bypassed by the dramas of every day life.

Seeing the funny side to any situation is a rare gift.  And the world needs more of these people to contribute and share their outlook.  There are haters who will not give in to this frivolous behaviour and they will be the ones who end up sick and broken, not understanding their ill health.

Great big guffaws are needed to keep our bodies and minds in tip-top condition.  No doctor will ever prescribe a course of comedy shows yet if one is feeling down watching those crazy kitties on YouTube always brings a smile to my face.

Everyone has a different idea of ‘funny’ and that is okay.  Find what makes you chuckle and stick with it.  It is good to laugh and release those endorphins throughout the body.  Your soul will thank you as well.


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