Think And Grow Creatively

With apologies to Napoleon Hill for the title of this blog.

As every success in life begins with a particular mindset, I believe it to be the same regarding creativity.  Any sculptor will tell you they envision the end result while looking at a slab of marble or an assortment of materials.  They have trained their minds to see what is not there yet.

Yes, it is learned behaviour and anyone can do it, so long as they want to.  Henry Ford’s saying ‘if you think you can or you think you can’t, you are correct’ holds true for thinking and growing creatively.  Not everyone conforms to the way of the general public’s perception of normal.

Thinking outside the box is neither difficult nor abnormal.  It can be quite freeing.  Great ideas and inventions come from this unusual way of preceiving one’s reality.

Society would still be lighting our way with candles if we did not allow these unique individuals the leeway to buck convention and experiment.

Being creative is not only for artists.  Maths, science and even mundane, every day chores can benefit from a imaginative mind.  Find a better way for millions of people to take out the garbage and your fortune is made.

Even people who do not believe they are inventive can open up their minds to whatever makes them happy and find a new way to reach a desired result.  The possibilities are unlimited.  So job #1 today, sit for five minutes (use toilet time if you claim to be too busy) and imagine a way to make your life better.  You may be surprised at what you come up with.

Job #2, act.

Job #3, persevere.


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