An Embarrassment Of Riches

Nearly everyone claims to want enormous amounts of cash.  We all buy lottery tickets hoping for instant wealth.  Despite the statistics about lottery winners losing all the money within two years and ending up in tremendous debt.  We say, ‘Not going to happen to me!’.

An abundance of funds equals happiness, or so we have been programmed to believe.  Yet a part of us realizes that the truly important things in life ie; love, happiness and joy can not be acquired by the green stuff.  Being rich can be embarrassing and that thought will always keep us poor.

None of it is true.  Having wealth is nothing to be embarrassed about (whether you win it or earn it).  Money just is.  It is a commodity that allows us to buy stuff.  The ‘stuff’ will not make us happier (well, maybe momentarily) and it can be managed.  So long as we control the funds and not the other way around.

It takes years to get used to being prosperous and time is another thing money can not buy.  To be wise requires incredible restraint.  In this fast-paced, speed-loving instant information Age, slowing down, taking our time and acting after careful thought will be far more advantageous to a bountiful future.  There is no rush to get to the end of our lives being wealthy, if we have not enjoyed the process along the way.

Loving your life is a luxury beyond compare and no amount of money can purchase that.


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