Stop The Excuses

I can’t . . . !  Someone else (husband, wife, significant other, parent, culture, religion) won’t let me . . . !  I don’t have enough money, time or knowledge . . . !

These are all excuses to not be all we can.  They must cease.  If we want to be truly happy by following our paths, we have to break through these and any other enticements we come up with to not reach our potential.

We make time for all kinds of things that do not serve us, drinking coffee, partying and watching TV.  While not overly destructive behaviour (admittedly smoking, consuming alcohol and over-eating are more prominent in most people’s lives) the time squandered on these activities would be better spent following your heart’s desire.

No matter how often we talk about doing what we want, actually participating speaks louder than words.  And we can look to blame others for our lack of performance but it is up to us to follow through.  We are responsible for our achievements or lack thereof.

Stop the excuses!  No one ever got ahead in life by giving in to being idle or distracted.  Whatever it is you want, it is possible.  Take baby steps; Rome was not built in a day.  Be imaginative and begin the venture incrementally.  Soon you will find you are soaring.


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