The Future

How many of us, as a child, had an exciting future mapped out?  Full of adventures, riches and love.  There were never any worries about paying bills or ill health.  The future was all goodness and light.  Participating in exciting events, life-long, dream careers and falling in love with that perfect person were all available and sought after.

Every day stresses had no place and if they popped up, in this ideal world, one handled it with ease and dare I say it, with humour.  I venture to say, not many of us have attained that desired outcome of our youth.  If you have, count yourself as one of the lucky ones.  But all is not lost, that immaculate vision of what could be is closer than you think.

Is it not better to love those nearest and dearest?  If you do that, give yourself a hug.  Is not working every day providing you with the essentials?  Your ancestors would be astounded at the luxuries you take for granted.  Have you not taken part in most of life’s milestones?  Some never make it out of childhood alive.

If you think your future is not what it should have been; know this, your present is exactly what it was meant to be.  You have the power to direct your path from this day forward.  Forge ahead using your heart as a guide.  It will not steer you wrong.


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