The Mind

I saw this on Facebook over the weekend and it so resonated with me I had to share it.

So many people (myself included) have fallen short of the lofty goals we set.  And the only thing that is at fault for not attaining the outcome we desire is our minds.  We have blocked ourselves.  For whatever reason, it could be ill health, unbelief or fear.  They are all aspects controlled by the ego to make us stop moving forward as it is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to our ordinary lives.

This has to be conquered if one is to push past the mundane and reach for our hidden power.  We all have immense reservoirs of energy that will see us through any and all challenges.

We are enough.  We are capable of doing and being whatever we want.  We have to cease getting in our own way and open up to the possibilities.  Only then can we soar.


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