It has been pointed out that the key to healthy living is balance.  A properly proportioned diet, an even exercise routine and a matching correlation between massive mental activity and meditation.  In life there is always ups and downs, highs and lows not to mention happiness and sadness.  To engage in the ultimate requires all these experiences and more.

We are constantly searching for a joy filled existence, yet too much happiness would be boring (I only suspect this, having never experienced it).  Yes, good is better than bad, wealth better than poverty and love better than hate.  Encountering all these adventures with fortitude and openness will result in a rich, vital life.

Participating in meaningful journeys throughout the span from birth to death can only bring about those traits which we all aspire.  Courage, integrity and honesty can all be tested through hardships.  Yet, surviving and thriving will make us strong enough for the next challenge.

Many people claim that their toughest times have given them great strength to succeed.  ‘What does not kill you, makes you stronger’, I say, ‘what does not kill you, makes you appreciate life more’.

The years we have on this earth are to be cherished.  Hopping from adventure to ordeal makes the world such an interesting place to be.

Enjoy your ride and keep balance in mind, what goes down must come up again.


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