In times of stress the mind is in constant movement.  The thoughts never cease.  This is our primitive ancestry of survival working.  Yet, we no longer need to worry about the nearest dinosaur getting a hold of us for breakfast.  Still, the hardwiring for our existence continues to control our brains.

Quieting the mind brings about feelings of bliss and joy.  And so few of us take the time to rejuvenate.  Preferring to get caught up in the next useless, everyday, drama.

So what can be done to counteract this overthinking on the part of us humans?  We can not totally stop thinking, as it is what and who we are.  Or is it impossible?  One could claim that sleep allows for this solitude.  But does it?  Is dreaming not using the mind?  

Experts, like the Dali Lama advocate meditation.  Andy Shaw, author of A Bug Free Mind, suggests not thinking got 15 seconds (harder than you think) on a regular basis and Eckhart Tolle promotes ‘living in the now’.  All these methods will work when one is stress free but have a fender-bender, stand in line behind someone with a purchase that has no price tag or more seriously, support a relative with a debilitating disease and the mind begins to think, warp-speed, about all the possible outcomes.

I believe the one cure for overthinking that must be remembered in times of strife, is the thought that whatever happens you are capable of handling it.  How can there be a problem when no matter what occurs you have the strength to deal with it?

Keep this thought uppermost and all will be well.


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