Creative Outlets

With this new craze of ‘Adult Colouring Books’, which let us admit is nothing more than colouring except if the manufacturers put ‘adult’ on the cover they can charge more, it occurs there are many outlets that will stimulate the creative juices.

Besides colouring (FYI I, personally, love this especially contrasting the colours) there is writing (pretty sure this is why blogging is so popular), painting, sculpting, music and dance.  Anything an individual enjoys just for the sake of doing it can be considered an art form.

Be that as it may, seeing what we love as a creative outlet increases self-esteem and the confidence level.  Taking part in these activities helps to keep the brain limber.  More than that, it makes us feel alive.

So, sing out, dance free, paint, colour, sculpt and best of all write away to your heart’s content because fulfillment will be the happy result of one’s unreserved letting loose.  Nothing is more fun than participating in a personal love.  Be a kid again and revisit the joys of your childhood.  Being an adult does not mean innocent merriment is less valuable.  

We can all benefit from our youthful pleasures.


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