Unlimited Freedom

To not limit yourself is a lesson that goes against the grain in this modern world.  By the time one is seven years old we have been beaten into submission by society and the education system. It is time to take control of that part of us that knows what is right.

Intuition, gut feeling or deep-seated urges; call it what you will.  Every one knows what their individual love is.  We harbour secret passions that ought to be allowed to flourish.  Yet doing so, brings out haters and naysayers talking trash or reality.  Creating our own reality should be foremost on the agenda.

Unlimited freedom means stepping up and risking the comfort of conforming to society’s idea of normal.  By doing what is in one’s heart, no matter what others think, you open yourself up to an unrestrained range of gratification.  As your soul unlocks to pure pleasure nothing and no one can stop the goodness.

Unadulterated joy will come flooding to those with the courage to, as Joseph Campbell says, ‘follow their bliss’.  Doing so can only lead to freedom without bounds.


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