The Freedom Of Uncertainty

Been thinking about these blogs and why some are more popular than others.  It is so unpredictable.  Whenever I write one that I think is fabulous, I get nearly zero responses.  Yet some, I do not even know what they mean and they tend to be accepted by many.  It is strange.

I enjoy writing them and will continue to do so no matter what.  So these thoughts led me to the fact that I am fond of the uncertainty of it all.  Now, if you had asked me if I was the kind of person who took pleasure in not knowing, I would have given a resounding response of, ‘Absolutely Not!’.

There is a freedom in the unknown that when embraced is totally liberating.  It is that feeling of opening your arms wide and free falling into the imponderable.  Then being open enough to live with whatever consequences arise.  It is a scary yet wonderful way to live.

My best advice today is to take a chance on doing what you love, even if it terrifies you.  Let the chips fall where they may.  There is emancipation waiting on the other side for those brave enough to revel in it.


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