Why is it, we never see our own shortcomings?  A strange thing happened over the weekend.  I saw something on Facebook that made me think of my sister.  Naturally, I shared it with her despite the fact it could be a bit harsh.  (That’s sisters for you).  Later that day, when I questioned whether she saw it, her comments led me to believe she directed the statement (which I thought depicted her perfectly) towards her husbands.  How she could not see her own situation, astounded me.

Many times, while perusing the self-help books and stumbling upon some disempowerimg trait I can see it clearly in everyone else.  Only upon reflection do I realize that I am ‘guilty as charged’.

How many of you reading this now, are nodding your head thinking of the loved ones who do this?  Guess what?!  This is you doing the exact same thing.  Everyone does it.  Look inside and be honest.  Accept yourself and the help that is intended here.  

When facing the truth, be vulnerable enough to adopt the changes of betterment.


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