Waves Of Reality

It seems that the role of the artist is to be contrary to the world.  Take the 1960’s, the news was full of war, racial strife and nuclear stand-offs yet the music doled out very positive messages.  And the hippy scene was at its height of popularity.

Once again, the world has hit turbulent times and it is up to the artists of today to spread the good news that ‘all is not lost’.  Despite the terror attacks, controversial votes and supposed incurable diseases, the future is, indeed, bright.

Blogging has become an art form, so I challenge my fellow bloggers to take up the call to counteract the mainstream media and point out the good in the world.

There are opportunities everywhere to make a better life.  All it takes is a little creative imagination to visualize a successful outcome.  Before you know it, everything is lighter, brighter and more fun.

The waves of reality are forever changing.  Let’s be part of the upswing!


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