Being Yourself

Wanting more, achieving a better lifestyle, improving your lot in life are all laudable ambitions and society encourages those who take on these challenges.  In fact, they celebrate people who have overcome difficulties and rise to fame and fortune.  While that is all well and good not everyone needs something else to be ‘stars’ in their own right.

The one thing ‘wanting to change’ does is convey a false impression that who you are today if not good enough.  It is a fallacy.  Being a deeper, more loving and caring you is far more important to your fellow humans than chasing the elusive monetary success bug.

Many people admit to not liking themselves or if they do not acknowledge that, their actions speak louder than words.  Bad behaviours like drugs, sex (sometimes), obesity and combativeness all speak to an inner discomfort with who they are.

Take a deep breath, stand tall and be the best human being you can.  The possibilities are endless.


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