This is truly a disease that most people suffer from (including myself) and must be obliterated in order to attain peace of mind.  One cannot be content while disapproving of every little thing that is imperfect.  We are all human and therefore not ideal.  In fact, being flawless is an impossibility and unattainable.  

Each of us has aspects of our lives that lack optimum brilliance.  That is what makes life interesting.  Yet, judging ourselves poorly comes extremely easily.  Finding faults and berating is unproductive.  Not to mention what it does to our self-esteem.

I have begun to stop doing this by thinking ‘how would I react (what would I say) to a loved one if they were being hard on themselves?’  Most of our instincts are to help those in need.  Just because it is ‘us’ that are being disempowerimg does not mean we can not combat it with good and wise self-counsel.

Do yourself a favour and when you notice self-criticism creeping in, treat yourself as you would a best friend.  Encourage a higher standard.


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