Neuro-Linguistic Programming blew my mind when I first read about it in Tony Robbins ‘Unlimited Power’.  Using techniques to get what you want in life seemed too good to be true.

Where it really worked for me was losing weight.  I visualized myself thinner by forming a picture in my mind.  Making it bigger and brighter while reducing and dimming my love of junk food.  Admittedly, over the years, I have gained it all back because during a particularly stressful time I forgot to keep that slimmer picture of me in the forefront of my head.

I have only now begun to think of trying it again.  The hardest part of NLP, for me, is remembering where one is supposed to look to get the result wanted.  I shall re-read that chapter in Mr. Robbins book and give myself another go.

That is, certainly, the best part of this field of personal development, you can always pick yourself up and try again.  Here’s to positive action today. (I originally wrote ‘here’s to a positive future’ but ‘action today’ is what is needed.)


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