The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool that most of us do not know how to use correctly.  Studies have been conducted and the results astonishing.  In John Assaraf’s NeuroGym Blog, ’12 Amazing Facts About Your Brain’, it claims 96-98% of your behaviours are controlled by the subconscious mind.  This part of the brain will believe the images you send it as being true.  The non-conscious sees in images and patterns and does not know the difference between what is real or imagined.

That means the mind can be directed to attaining your heart’s desire by deceiving it with visions (real or made up).  Embedding patterns with what you want while affirming that you already have, will create a new pathway while forcing your brain to find the way to achieve what it sees and hears.

Being able to retrain your mind is freeing.  Yes, it takes time and effort but so did attempting to walk, as a baby.  Creating the life you want can be the most exciting thing a person can do.  Just think about it.  You get to choose who, what, where, when, why and how you want to be.  If one sees that as hard work, the alternative is to allow others to make those important decisions for you.

That can be limiting and unfulfilling.  Personal responsibility is the first step to recovering your power.  Every thought must be monitored and held to a higher standard if one wants an improved life.  The subconscious mind learns by repetition not logic, therefore one must begin to switch all negative thought patterns as soon as the awareness sets it that you are being bambarded with them.  We all do it and it has to cease.

Hypnosis is a way to reprogram your brain.  Writing is another technique that allows free thoughts and emotions to be expressed through the subconscious.  (So long as you do not get caught up in the logical side of writing.)  This will allow your creativity to soar and thereby develop new growth.

In order to change the old programs and retrain your brain read material that encourages and builds success.  Replace all contrary reflection with possibility thinking.


Having It All

There are three areas in everyone’s life that can always use improvement.  They are ‘Health, Wealth and Relationships’.  It seems we are seldom truly happy with one or more of these aspects.  It begs the question, ‘can we have it all?’

Health often gets puts on hold as we pursue careers.  Our focus is so concentrated on making a living or following our dreams that eating properly and partaking of regular exercise, both of which are needed for well-being, gets forgotten.  Everyone has to take care of what goes into the body and strengthening muscles through routine use.

Pursuing wealth can leave relationships wanting.  Yet, being wealthy is a matter of opinion.  There are many measures of financial prosperity.  Some will be happy merely paying bills with a little left over.  While others desire billions.  Finding your comfort zone is half the battle.  That is not to say one should settle for less.  The best way to acquire wealth is to earn it.  Doing what you love is preferred.

Having an abundance of friends and loved ones can be ignored while chasing wealth.  Yet this is where sharing and giving of ourselves will fill us with a richness money cannot buy.  Connecting with others brings its own satisfaction.

If one is to master these three areas their lives will expand and grow.  Leaving them enriched beyond their wildest dreams. Balance can be achieved, if one is willing to put in the effort.  Yes, you can have it all.

A Comforting Word

Reaching out to strangers in need has become something of a habit.  It is easy to connect over the Internet and share some heart rending experiences.  The sorrow can come through the written word with a piercing force.  It compels one to want to help.

Over the weekend I contacted someone who needed encouragement even though the sadness which surrounded them regarded a subject that I, usually, view rather harshly.  It would have been easy to criticize or spread the rigid opinions.  Instead, with empathy, I chose to offer a few comforting words.  In the process, sharing a part of my life, I do not normally open up about.

That is the beauty of the Internet.  Yes, one can hide behind the anonymity and that can be a dangerous practise or it an be used to help others in need of solace.  Letting them know, they are not alone.

It all comes down to personal integrity.  Each of us has to monitor ourselves and choose the path with which to follow.  Consoling another human being in pain who desires peace will not only aid them, it fills your own soul with healing.  There is no downside and if Karma kicks in, only benefits will result.

Do not mistake any of this assistance with pity.  No one needs to be pitied.  That will only keep them down.

Inspiration for a better tomorrow is all anyone of us can and should strive for. Then share it.


With humour being the best medicine, I am surprised the pharmaceutical companies have not figured out a way to manufacture jokes in pill form so they can charge an arm and a leg for them.  After all, those appendages are unrelated to making people laugh.  Except of course, for the funny bone which is in the arm.  (Sorry).

A simple smile can change your own and someone else’s day by making it brighter and yet taking the time to share a giggle often gets bypassed by the dramas of every day life.

Seeing the funny side to any situation is a rare gift.  And the world needs more of these people to contribute and share their outlook.  There are haters who will not give in to this frivolous behaviour and they will be the ones who end up sick and broken, not understanding their ill health.

Great big guffaws are needed to keep our bodies and minds in tip-top condition.  No doctor will ever prescribe a course of comedy shows yet if one is feeling down watching those crazy kitties on YouTube always brings a smile to my face.

Everyone has a different idea of ‘funny’ and that is okay.  Find what makes you chuckle and stick with it.  It is good to laugh and release those endorphins throughout the body.  Your soul will thank you as well.

Think And Grow Creatively

With apologies to Napoleon Hill for the title of this blog.

As every success in life begins with a particular mindset, I believe it to be the same regarding creativity.  Any sculptor will tell you they envision the end result while looking at a slab of marble or an assortment of materials.  They have trained their minds to see what is not there yet.

Yes, it is learned behaviour and anyone can do it, so long as they want to.  Henry Ford’s saying ‘if you think you can or you think you can’t, you are correct’ holds true for thinking and growing creatively.  Not everyone conforms to the way of the general public’s perception of normal.

Thinking outside the box is neither difficult nor abnormal.  It can be quite freeing.  Great ideas and inventions come from this unusual way of preceiving one’s reality.

Society would still be lighting our way with candles if we did not allow these unique individuals the leeway to buck convention and experiment.

Being creative is not only for artists.  Maths, science and even mundane, every day chores can benefit from a imaginative mind.  Find a better way for millions of people to take out the garbage and your fortune is made.

Even people who do not believe they are inventive can open up their minds to whatever makes them happy and find a new way to reach a desired result.  The possibilities are unlimited.  So job #1 today, sit for five minutes (use toilet time if you claim to be too busy) and imagine a way to make your life better.  You may be surprised at what you come up with.

Job #2, act.

Job #3, persevere.

An Embarrassment Of Riches

Nearly everyone claims to want enormous amounts of cash.  We all buy lottery tickets hoping for instant wealth.  Despite the statistics about lottery winners losing all the money within two years and ending up in tremendous debt.  We say, ‘Not going to happen to me!’.

An abundance of funds equals happiness, or so we have been programmed to believe.  Yet a part of us realizes that the truly important things in life ie; love, happiness and joy can not be acquired by the green stuff.  Being rich can be embarrassing and that thought will always keep us poor.

None of it is true.  Having wealth is nothing to be embarrassed about (whether you win it or earn it).  Money just is.  It is a commodity that allows us to buy stuff.  The ‘stuff’ will not make us happier (well, maybe momentarily) and it can be managed.  So long as we control the funds and not the other way around.

It takes years to get used to being prosperous and time is another thing money can not buy.  To be wise requires incredible restraint.  In this fast-paced, speed-loving instant information Age, slowing down, taking our time and acting after careful thought will be far more advantageous to a bountiful future.  There is no rush to get to the end of our lives being wealthy, if we have not enjoyed the process along the way.

Loving your life is a luxury beyond compare and no amount of money can purchase that.

Stop The Excuses

I can’t . . . !  Someone else (husband, wife, significant other, parent, culture, religion) won’t let me . . . !  I don’t have enough money, time or knowledge . . . !

These are all excuses to not be all we can.  They must cease.  If we want to be truly happy by following our paths, we have to break through these and any other enticements we come up with to not reach our potential.

We make time for all kinds of things that do not serve us, drinking coffee, partying and watching TV.  While not overly destructive behaviour (admittedly smoking, consuming alcohol and over-eating are more prominent in most people’s lives) the time squandered on these activities would be better spent following your heart’s desire.

No matter how often we talk about doing what we want, actually participating speaks louder than words.  And we can look to blame others for our lack of performance but it is up to us to follow through.  We are responsible for our achievements or lack thereof.

Stop the excuses!  No one ever got ahead in life by giving in to being idle or distracted.  Whatever it is you want, it is possible.  Take baby steps; Rome was not built in a day.  Be imaginative and begin the venture incrementally.  Soon you will find you are soaring.